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St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is known as The Cradle of Catholicism in Australia and is the seat of the Catholic Bishop of Parramatta, It is also the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

It also contains the oldest Catholic Parish School in Australia. Similarly, the Sisters of Charity – the first convent – is in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The new St. Patrick’s Cathedral was dedicated on November 29, 2003 making the old cathedral a Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

St. Patrick’s innovative architecture makes the cathedral the first Australian Cathedral of the new millennium.

Trip Advisor Top Contributor “VanessaPi3” describes St. Patrick’s Cathedral as modern and traditional.

“This church is anything but conventional setting. The main room is set-up in a weird way where everyone sits on the side facing each other and the mass happens in the middle of it all. The tabernacle is kept in a separate chapel which is very uncommon and troubling when you know it holds the body of Christ and that Jesus should be the center of mass, not the priest… The modern look is interesting but the chapel part is definitely more charming and traditional. Considering this one of the oldest church in the Sydney area, it is a bit upsetting to see how far from the roots when they renovated it after a major fire.”

Trip Advisor Top Contributor “Narziss” finds St. Patrick’s cathedral as “inspirational.”

“This is a really modern church built on the site of the old church which was destroyed in a fire. It is simple and beautiful and even has a statute of a Madonna dated around the mid 1400’s. As far as churches go it is quite different, well worth the visit, even just to see the amazing metallic sculpture and design work on the gates and within the church. It can easily be accessed via the free shuttle bus in Parramatta which leaves from both the ferry landing and the transport hub where the city rail trains stop.”

Trip Advisor Reviewer “Gerard S” describes St. Patrick’s as “quiet, modern and peaceful.”

“When one considers the damage created by fire earlier on, the restoration is marvellous and well worth a visit.”

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral is located at 1 Marist Pl, Parramatta NSW 2150. It is a quick drive and walk from our Accommodation in Parramatta NSW.

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