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Stayed here in July 2012. Found everything clean and tidy and facilities were great. Staff were friendly and helpful as well. Would definitely recommend and would stay again if I was in the area.

Helen - Bendigo
13 Nov 2012

My Family and I so Loved the atmosphere, The rooms themselves are an absolute treat, theyre spotless and crisp on tidiness, The hotel is close to all amenities, and the staff are helpful and friendly,I reccomend this hotel on both long and short term stays,

Marie - Queenbeyan
09 Oct 2012

I have to work in this area of Parramatta on buisness quite a bit and I stayed here recently, i found it to be really lovely and quaint, The staff were friendly and helpful, The rooms are emmaculately clean and tidy, I also happened to meet with the cleaners , and couldnt help but congratulate them on a job well done. I reccomend to everyone out there to come and check it out for your self, the hotel isclose to everything including Parramatta westfields, and the train station is only a hop skip and jump away.. So come and see for yourself, and meet the friendly team at these apartments....Cheers

sara - glenbrook
09 Oct 2012

Enjoyed our stay, loved the decor, staff at reception were very helpful, clean and tidy, the pool area was quaint ,and quiet,was a shame we didnt have time to check out the golf area, but dont worry we will next time, my husband and I are back in town on a buisness trip..Nice and relaxing atmosphere, our bedroom was amazing, smelt really clean , bathrooms and laundry were very tiday and clean also, my husband and I have stayed in many hotels and found everything here is really great, We both bumped into some of the cleaning crew and to our astonishment they were so so friendly, as we could here them singing as they worked, it was nice to know people in the hospitality industry really enjoy their job, Well done and thankyou for the kind words ...Def be back again in 3 months, my husband and I so reccomend this for everyone including your kiddies, such a friendly atmosphere, and a big congrats to all of the staff both recognised and not recognised

Shantell - Bathurst
09 Oct 2012

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