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2 Bedroom Prestige Apartment for your family holiday in Sydney

Fiori Bed
Posted in Accommodation at 23 October, 2014

Now rising as a dynamic modern city with a bustling business and social scene that reflects the cultural diversity of Greater Sydney, Parramatta has been home to many holidaymakers who want to explore the other side of Sydney and to business travellers fo...

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Watch the Sydney Symphony in Parramatta Park

Sydney Symphony In Parramatta Park
Posted in Local Events at 10 October, 2014

Following its phenomenal success last year, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at Parramatta will again wow the audience with another spectacular and brilliant concert. Happening only for one night, be there at the Parramatta Park on 22 March and be inspired a...

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An ideal holiday retreat right in the Parramatta CBD

Fiori Balcony View
Posted in Accommodation at 26 September, 2014

Sydney is one of the most famous city destinations and among the most favoured holiday spots of many travellers and tourists from all over the world. It is no surprise that the city has become a dream destination of many holidaymakers for it truly has a p...

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Celebrate an explosive and colourful New Year's Eve in Sydney

New Years Eve Cruises
Posted in Local Events at 04 September, 2014

As we bid farewell to 2014 and usher in the coming year, we deserve to celebrate it with a blast and start 2015 with a bang. As one of the first cities in the world to welcome the new year, the City of Sydney will once again be hosting the Sydney New Year...

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Stay fit and healthy even on a holiday or a business trip in Sydney

Fiori 6
Posted in Accommodation at 25 August, 2014

While it may be a bit of a challenge to keep your fitness routines on a holiday trip or on a business travel, you can still follow your regular physical exercises even when you're away from home. For the busy corporate travellers, it's always a bonus to b...

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Celebrate the Norton Street Italian Festa

Norton Street Italian Festa
Posted in Local Events at 04 August, 2014

Celebrating Italian culture highlighting authentic Italian cuisine, modern cars and automobiles and a wide array of great entertainment and exciting activities, the Norton Street Italian Festa will be another festive occasion that will gather the entire c...

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Sleek and stylish city apartments for holiday travellers in Sydney

Fiori 1
Posted in Accommodation at 28 July, 2014

Holiday makers and travellers will always consider privacy and comfort and will even pay a premium for it when choosing an accommodation for their trip. While not everyone can afford to stay at a five-star hotel or a posh holiday resort on their holiday,...

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Watch Missy Higgins live in Sydney

Missy Higgins
Posted in Local Events at 06 July, 2014

Watch Missy Higgins live in Sydney The iconic Aussie pop legend, Missy Higgins, will perform on different stages across Australia for her big national tour entitled, Missy Higgins - OZ Tour. Starting on 20 September in Cairns, Missy is stopping by more th...

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Restful and cosy space for the business traveller

Fiori Balcony View
Posted in Accommodation at 20 June, 2014

Being an expat and a frequent business traveller means being away from home and trying to find a new home in a new city. It could be exciting exploring a new place and getting to be exposed to a new culture and meeting new and interesting people. However,...

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Sweet indulgence in Sydney

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe Sydney
Posted in Location & Attractions at 03 June, 2014

Where to find the best dessert places in Sydney There's no sweeter end to cap off your meal, or even start your day, with a delectable dessert. Be it a cup of a vanilla ice cream or creamy chocolate-flavoured gelato, gooey choco fudge cookie, a slice of b...

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