Sweet indulgence in Sydney

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Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe Sydney

Where to find the best dessert places in Sydney

There’s no sweeter end to cap off your meal, or even start your day, with a delectable dessert. Be it a cup of a vanilla ice cream or creamy chocolate-flavoured gelato, gooey choco fudge cookie, a slice of blueberry cheesecake, multi-flavoured macarons, fruity pana cotta, flaky apple pie, crispy donuts, cinnamon rolls, and many other mouthwatering sweet treats, you’ll hardly be able to resist all these tempting desserts.

Known to be one of the most exciting dining destinations on the globe, Sydney boasts its world-class restaurants, trendiest cafés, and eateries featuring all the kind of food that you love. From neighbourhood nooks to find-dining restaurants, there’s always something for everyone. And whether it dessert comes first or is the dinner finale, it’s something most people can’t live without and you surely can find the most delicious desserts in the city.

If you’re a chocoholic, then Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café will be paradise for you. Here’s where you can find the finest Belgian chocolates, exquisite cakes and decadent desserts. Their signature desserts include 62 Dark Chocolate, which is richly flavoured dark chocolate tart; Apple Crumble; Belgian Éclair, and Custard Tart Chocolate, to name a few. The selection of cakes is also heavenly—you can choose either the Opera My Way, Impress Caramel, Impress Dark Chocolate Ganache, or Guylian Dark Baked Chocolate Cake and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake.

On Enmore Road, you’ll find a gelato store offering unique and rich gelato flavours such as Dulce de Leche, Stracciatella, Roasted Coconut, Pannacotta with strawberry and balsamic ripple, Lemon-Ginger with Passionfruit, Malt and Honey, Mandorla Affogato and loads more.

Offering French pastries and delicious milky drinks, The French House Restaurant on Danks Street is another food paradise for epicureans. While enjoying a freshly brewed coffee or a cup of tea, you can also pair it with a fruit tart or a chocolate éclair. You can also just grab some Vanilla Mille Feuille, macarons, and other sweet treats.

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Image Source: Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, Sydney



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