Experience Tipping Point at Parramatta

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Tipping Point

London-based Ockham’s Razor will get your heart pounding with their exciting blend of circus, acrobatics and theatre. They will push themselves to the limit on five metre metal poles that eventually transform into a maze of walkways, pillars and pendulums!

Catch the show which is described by The Stage as “spellbinding!” The setup has the audience drawn in close to the action where the five performers are enclosed within the circle of the stage.

These five performers will face a series of challenges as poles are balanced on fingertips, hung from the roof, swung, lashed, climbed up and clung to – something only experienced performers can do. Do not try this at home!

The conflict arises when the performers decided whether to rail against the chaos or ride it out to the tipping point. This world of theirs sets them in a scenario that will push them to their limits and allow them to support each other as they wrestle with the moment when things begin to shift to their tipping point.

Tipping Point is a show that features a multi-layered surround sound musical landscape composed by Adem Ilhan and Quinta.

Catch the mesmerizing show from 17-21 January 2017 at the Spaghetti Circus Big Top, Corner Church and Market Streets in Parramatta.

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