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Have you experienced going on a holiday somewhere faraway and you thought you made a great job packing all your necessary things? You’re pretty proud of yourself for doing a job well done only to find out in the middle of the night that you actually forgot one or two important things.

Your toothbrush, for instance. Imagine how you can go on your whole vacation without actually brushing your teeth. People, especially new found ones, smelling you and thinking how unhygienic you are is horrible enough, and the thickness and discomfort of everything inside your mouth just makes it more horrendous.

How about forgetting your underwear? You cannot expect yourself to use one side of what you’re wearing today and the other side the next day. That’s gross. And if you try to wash it today, chances are, you won’t have anything to wear at all the next day. Now that’s quite uncomfortable.

That’s why we need to thank the heavens for creating convenience stores. True to its name, these stores offer great help for people who are in urgent need anytime of the day.

And guess what, if you’re going to Parramatta in a few days and you book your stay to our Fiori Apartments, you’ll feel at ease because we have a convenience store right inside our resort.

So you can do away with your paranoia of accidentally leaving anything behind because with our Parramatta accommodation, you’re just a few steps away from an incredible convenience. You don’t even need to wander around the suburb in the middle of the night looking for a store where you can purchase your forgotten thing. Save yourself from all possible troubles and simply choose to stay in our resort.

Aside from an onsite convenience store, Fiori Apartments also has other great facilities such as heated lap pool, spa, gymnasium, undercover golf facility, undercover parking space, 24 hour reception, dry cleaning facilities, and a discounted airport service transfers.

And with our fully self contained units, you’re to enjoy a fully furnished unit as if you’re just at home, only in a different place. Be delighted with our furnishings such as full range kitchenette materials, laundry facilities, and cosy beds and a private balcony located in the bedroom. 

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